• Satellite Name: CP3
  • School: California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo
  • Mission Attitude Determination and Control using 2-Axis Magnetometers and Magnetorquers
  • Launch Date: April 17th, 2007
  • Comm Frequency: 436.845 MHz
  • Modulation: FSK
  • Comm Output Power: ~500 mW
  • Project Status: Launched and Operational

Project History

Development of CP3 began in the Summer of 2005 and completed in time for the Dnepr 2 launch. The CP3 engineering team is composed of students from several disciplines including Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Physics and Aerospace Engineering. The standard bus developed for CP2 was used for CP3 to validate the concept of a standard CubeSat bus to accomodate any payload.


The primary mission of CP3 is to implement an attitude control system using only magnetic torquers embedded within the side panels. Attitude determination is performed using two-axis magnetometers on each side panel as well as observation imagers on the payload face. As with all of our CubeSats, a primary mission is also education. Our project is student-run and we aim to design, build, launch and operate a satellite with as much student involvement as possible.


CP3 launched April 17th, 2007 the on the Dnepr 2 mission. For more information about the progress of the mission see Dnepr 2 launch. The backup model of CP3 has been modified and renamed CP6.

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