• Satellite Name: LEO (Launch Environment Observer)
  • School: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Mission P-POD launch environment telemetry study
  • Launch Date: TBA
  • Comm Frequency: TBA
  • Modulation: FSK
  • Comm Output Power: TBD
  • Project Status: In Development, Selected for CSLI

Project History

The CP9 mission is a collaboration between PolySat and Merritt Island High School, and is sponsored by NASA Launch Services Program (LSP). PolySat is developing a 2U CubeSat, CP9, and Merritt Island high school is developing StangSat, a 1U.


The CP9-StangSat mission will measure and record in-situ telemetry data from within the P-POD during launch.  Specifically, the CP9 and StangSat CubeSats will record thermal data with a k-type thermocouple and dynamic data using two sets of accelerometers measuring ranges of ±10g and ±100g.  In addition to collecting the telemetry data during launch, the CP9-StangSat mission will demonstrate new technologies within the P-POD platform, including power-on capability and more notably, wireless communication. StangSat will stream its telemetry data in real-time via WiFi to CP9 during launch, violating the existing CubeSat specification prohibiting RF within the P-POD.  Demonstrating wireless communication within the P-POD can benefit future missions that do not wish to develop satellite-to-ground radio links.  These type of missions can utilize another CubeSat to downlink their data and possibly avoid the necessity of developing a complicated radio.  CP9 has the potential to evolve into this reusable intermediate platform.

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