Earth Station

Welcome to the Cal Poly Earth Station! Commonly called a “ground station,” an earth station is a radio station built specifically to talk with satellites orbiting this planet. The purpose of the site is to spread the word on how to build an earth station. Many schools launching CubeSats have not put much energy into their earth station, thinking that it will be built after the satellite is finished but before it is launched. This is the wrong way to think about building an earth station, because how is the mission going to be considered a success if the satellite can’t be heard or talked to? It also takes a long time to train operators in the art of communicating with an object traveling at 8 km/sec. The earth station is the most important part of the whole mission.

Visit Here to checkout the three Earth Station Cal Poly uses.

The Earth stations are located at 35.302296,-120.665158. The QTH (Grid Location) is CM95QH. The map below shows our configuration.

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UHF Marconi Ground Station



Site Index

This website is broken up into different sections, accessible by clicking on links at the bottom and top of the page.

  • Equipment: Here you will find a complete description of the physical aspects of our earthstation.
    • Antennas: Information about earth station antennas.
    • Breakout Box: Instructions on how to build a PKT port breakout box.
  • Software: A list of all the software we run on our many computers.
    • MixW Setup: Instructions on installing and configuring MixW to receive CP2 Communications.
  • Documents: Pertinant to the building and operation of an earth station.
  • Links: A collection of links we visit often.

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