IPEX’s First Full Resolution Image!

For the past several weeks following P-POD deployment, IPEX has been downlinking images to Cal Poly’s upgraded groundstation to verify that the imaging and communications systems are working as expected.  We have recently received approval to release one of the first IPEX images captured post-deployment, and are excited to share with the community!  This image was taken on December 6, 2013 at 11:05 UTC using the -Z camera while IPEX was traversing over the Australian coast, pointed southwest towards the terminator line.

The successful capture, storage, and downlink of the recent IPEX images represents an important milestone for PolySat’s technical and operational capabilities.  IPEX is the first CubeSat to use PolySat’s new avionics suite, comprised of a variety of custom PCBs and a Tyvak Intrepid systemboard/comm board package.  The timely and efficient downlink of one of IPEX’s high-resolution deployment images such as this one adequately verifies not only PolySat’s new avionics bus, but the recent upgrades to the Cal Poly ground station as well.  We are excited to continue IPEX operations!



Obtained using STK10

IPEX Status

PPOD Initial Tracking Orbit

12/10/2013 – 11:55PM

The payload processor and software have been activated.

12/7/2013 – 10:00AM

Japan has gotten a very clear recording of IPEX.

Check it out here: http://www.dk3wn.info/p/?p=39287

Two types of beacons can be heard in the recording, a health beacon and the morse code beacon.

12/7/2013 – 12:00AM

Image thumbnails have been downlinked from each of the five cameras along with a telemetry packet.

12/6/2013 – 8:30AM

IPEX has received over 50 packets since the launch the night before. Decoded packets indicate the satellite is so far nominal. Initial checkout is still underway and updates will be posted.

Packets are being decoded from about 1.5 degrees above the horizon